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My experience as a university study abroad student in the Antarctic reshaped my life. A few weeks after I returned home and began to emerge from my “Antarctica bubble,” LEI was born.

It didn’t take long for me to understand that the best way for me to make positive changes toward sustainable human-environment relationships was to provide future-thinking, passionate students from across the globe with the same opportunity that I was fortunate to have.

Make no mistake - this is an intense experience, and it will change your life. It will transform you at the foundational level. You will be catalyzed as an agent of positive change and possess the inner confidence to see it through. There is nothing comparable to lived experience, and this one will propel your future.

Lauren Richards
Founder & Executive Director
Living Earth Initiative

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Where will your journey take you?



Our program prepares you as an emerging leader and change-maker to tackle the world’s most critical ‘wicked’ problems. The last true wilderness on Earth inspires transformative life changes, making it the best learning environment possible. Immersed in arguably the most magnificent ecosystem on the planet, our staff provides the toolkit for participants to build a better future for humanity and the natural world. Stewardship, sustainable lifestyles, and environmental consciousness are fostered by emotionally connecting and interacting with this remarkable frozen oasis. Your instructors are experienced Antarctic expedition guides committed to ensuring this experience changes your life and provides you with the ability to pursue a competitive, trailblazing career. Click on the brochure to learn all you need to know!

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OUR PLEDGES AND commitmentS.

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