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Your World, Your Choice.

Our LUX Program takes our robust curriculum, resources, expertise, and passion for building leaders and ambassadors in sustainability and environmental advocacy to the college level. This is not your traditional Study Abroad experience - this is a transformation catalyst. There is no replacement for lived experience, and our programs immerse students into the most magnificent places and ecosystems on the planet.

The Living Earth University Experience is open to college students of all levels. Undergraduates, graduate students,  doctoral candidates, and post-doc researchers are all welcome to join us!
Individuals are welcome to register for available voyages but we encourage them to reach out to their institution so we can facilitate a school-wide program for their friends, too.


Ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime?

If you would like to bring an LEI program to your college or university - we would love to talk with you!

Your Adventure Awaits!

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