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High School Access Program


What does your classroom look like?

Change. We need Change. 

The driving force of this change, and what makes Living Earth Initiative's High School Access Program so special, is providing access to the world’s most transformational, exquisite, and remote locations and experiences—typically reserved for the financially privileged—to high school seniors from underserved communities.  We thrive through the diversity of those we include, those with relentless curiosity but limited financial means. We take our Access Program participants and immerse them in parts of the world that most humans will never see. The places that are most vulnerable to human activities, like Antarctica, South Georgia, the Galapagos, and magnificent coral reef ecosystems. The places that fill one with wonder, the places that command respect, and leave one with no doubt that Earth is alive and worthy of our compassion and care.

We believe positive societal change begins with empowering a generation of forward-thinking, confident leaders and changemakers.

Students must be 18 on voyage sailing date. No exceptions.


Ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime?

If you would like to bring an LEI program to your college or university - we would love to talk with you!

Your Adventure Awaits!

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