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Jamie Watts

Expedition Leader & Consultant

Jamie Watts

Marine life and the global ecological ‘big picture’ are Jamie’s passions.

His mission is to deliver paradigm-changing expeditions across the world that leave guests changed and inspired in lasting stewardship to rebuild and enrich the biosphere.

Over the past 18 years - over 520,000 nautical miles and 4,000 days at sea - Jamie has worked as an expedition leader, ecologist, marine biologist, dive master, climate change presenter, logistics coordinator, and Zodiac driver aboard expedition vessels from coastlines and islands all over the globe. He spent two years overwintering with the British Antarctic Survey at Grytviken, South Georgia, from 2004 - 2006. Jamie is a keen wildlife photographer and illustrator, published in Ozdiver, Dive Log Australasia, Ocean Geographic, Scuba, Geographical Expedition, Diver, Tauchen and Sport Diving Australia magazines, and a variety of media including BBC Wildlife magazine to The Underwater Channel, and scientific papers.

​His recent book, Antarctic Marine Wildlife, has become the go-to field resource for guides, industry professionals, and curious guests alike.

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