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Lauren Richards

Founder & Executive Director

Lauren Richards

Lauren has a passion for showing people that the Earth is worthy of saving. She is the proud mother to an incredible mini-scientist, Oceayn, who cannot wait until the day she is old enough to visit Antarctica and South Georgia. Lauren is honored to be the first Gilman Scholar-Ambassador to Antarctica. Motto: "Everything is theoretically impossible, until it's done." -Robert A. Heinlein

"I am a living example of the transformative properties of South Georgia and Antarctica, as experienced on a small expedition ship and with the world’s best expedition team. I am a resolute believer that everyone should have access to this type of experience. Experiencing the mind-blowingly amazing corners of our planet is the only way to really "get it" - you can study it for years and have all the passion in your heart, but until you are physically present, you cannot begin to imagine the true power of Earth. Immersion in these types of environments changes you at a foundational level; your strength is tested, and you grow. I founded Living Earth Initiative to provide the opportunity for the current generation’s future leaders to exist among the places that fill one with wonder, the places that command respect and leave you with no doubt that Earth is alive and worthy of our compassion and care. The team that I have assembled to spearhead this mission is the most dynamic, capable, inspiring, and beautiful group of humans I could have ever dreamt of. I am grateful for them every day - LEI would not have become what it is without them. We thank you for allowing us to share our love of Earth - and all of the magnificent creatures that call it home - with you."

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